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I provide concepts, copy and strategies for health and professional audiences.


I can help you talk to a wide range of healthcare audiences from clinical specialists to consumers. Call me for clinical paper summaries, code-compliant sales aids, leave behinds, brochures, patient leaflets, pharmacy promotions and medical education pieces. See more.9 Alvesco launch insert

Web content

Effective web content writing requires correctly structured copy, use of appropriate key words and often, familiarity with inputting web copy through a content management system. For succinct web content that communicates and sells, call me today. See web copy samples. web copy 

Brochure copy

Make sure your brochure is written in a style that suits your audience. I am comfortable writing about a wide range of products and services, from heavy technical topics, to bright and cheery ones. I also guarantee that the brochure copy will fit neatly into the design. See brochure copy samples. WOODVILLE BROCHURE

Sales aid copy

A sales aid is the heavy horse of the brochure world. Every word must pull its weight, every graphic must work hard to help your rep close the sale. For powerful sales aids that show your product or service in its very best light, call me. See sales aid copy samples.Sales aid

Direct response copy

Make every word count. Get people to open, read and buy. Whether you’re using EDM, snail mail or a landing page, your direct response campaign needs attention-grabbing openings and compelling selling copy. See direct mail and EDM samples.  

 E-detailer copy

E-detailers and apps are rapidly replacing printed sales aids. They offer fantastic opportunities for tailoring your messages and presenting them in impactful ways. Careful planning simplifies the writing process. e-detailer

B2B copy

Writing about professional services requires a precise tone of voice. You need a writer who can grasp the fundamentals of your market, and a style that reflects your corporate agenda. See  B2B copy samples.B2B


Campaigns with legs. They’re the ones that keep on working for you year after year. Contact me for concepts that go the distance and work across all media. See samples.CCF30082011_00004