Capture the attention of busy HCPs with compelling e-detailer copy

Electronic detailing (or e-detailing) involves taking your sales messaging, digitising it and displaying it on a mobile device such as an ipad.

Rapidly replacing paper-based communications, digital sales aids have revolutionised the landscape for face-to-face medical communications, enabling companies to deliver targeted, interactive content to healthcare professionals in a way that is clear, credible, interactive and efficient.

Your e-detailer may be optimised for one-on-one sales calls or for group presentations.

The core of e-detailing copywriting lies in creating content that is both informative and engaging. 

A successful e-detailing campaign begins with compelling copy that captures the attention of busy healthcare professionals and maintains their interest throughout the interactive experience.
 The messaging must resonate with the audience, emphasising the unique selling propositions of your product while providing concise, evidence-based and code-compliant messaging.


Do I need a new e-detailer?

One of the benefits of producing an e-detailer for your product or product range is that you don’t have to create a brand new one for every sales cycle. It’s relatively cost-effective to change out the creative and get your copywriter to update the clinical content whilst retaining the overall structure of the piece.

Use metrics to improve performance

With the cost of sales calls increasing exponentially, valuable insights into the effectiveness of your interactive detailing materials can be gained by monitoring the use of the e-detailer and analysing the levels of engagement obtained during the call. You can use those insights to easily modify your e-detailer. 

Where to start with a new e-detailer

A new e-detailer begins with a brief to your copywriter and/or digital marketing agency. By choosing a copywriter with experience writing e-detailers, for healthcare, you’ll feel confident that your investment in e-detailing is code-compliant, the messaging is on brief and the tone is appropriate to the target audience.

What other elements do I need for an e-detailer based campaign?

Most successful medical marketing campaigns integrate a suite of tactics aimed at reminding healthcare professionals of the representative’s call.

After putting your e-detailer at the centre of your selling effort, you might consider a printed piece for the represenative to leave behind as a reminder of the call. This may be a simple 2-sided card, a reprint of a clinical paper, a supply of patient leaflets and/or a waiting-room poster.

A rep-triggered email or RTE is another good way to reinforce the main product selling points and to add any supplementary messaging that wasn’t fully covered during the call.

When budget permits, giving your campaign ‘legs’ with banner ads and printed journal advertising will help to keep your messaging front of mind.

Let’s talk about the items you’re considering for your next campaign.